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“An island, if it is big enough, is no better than a continent. It has to be really quite small, before it feels like an island”

“In his story “The Man Who Loved Islands” D.H. Lawrence, a master in  English literature, describes as such the first of the three islands where he took refuge after escaping modern life. Although an archaeological investigation stems from scientific questions, avoiding the romanticism of islands and of being an islander is not an easy task. Fallen walls, sherds, stairs hewn into the rock bear the traces of ancient lives.” 

The Boğsak Archaeological Survey (BOGA), directed by Günder Varinlioğlu since 2010, is an archaeological project that investigates and documents the  tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage along the coasts, on the islands, and in the hinterland of the Taşucu Gulf in Rough Cilicia. We continue to travel this rugged road that started more than ten years ago with the same perseverence and enthusiasm. 

We invite you to accompany us in revisiting our research goals and results, as well as the friendships we built with people (and animals) on this road. This exhibition does not illustrate the end point but the journey itself.

*Varinlioğlu, Günder. "Boğsak'tan Dana'ya Uzanan Bir Ada Öyküsü Boğsak Arkeolojik Yüzey Araştırması". Aktüel Arkeoloji 67 (2019): 8-13.

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