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Güvercin Island

Güvercin Island, located ca. 3 km South-west of Boğsak Island, and 1 km South of Palaiai (Tahtalimanı), is a small rock (50x60 m) only 200 m distant from the land. The remains on the island may belong to a late antique residential complex. The most common masonry consists of small stone blocks bound with mortar. The short expedition to the island included basic mapping, and the study of surface finds including architectural sculpture. One of the rooms still bear the remains of a  mosaic pavement of geometric designs, recently damaged by looters,  and black and white tesserae scattered on the surface.

güvercin res6.jpg

Remains of buildings in the northeastern section of Güvercin Island


Güvercin Island

*“Survey on Boğsak Island 2011/ Boğsak Adası yüzey araştırması 2011,” ANMED Anadolu Akdenizi Arkeoloji Haberleri 10 (2012): 137-41.

Kösrelik Island

Kösrelik Island, located  in the eastern bay of the city of Aphrodisias, has scant remains possibly dating from late antiquity. The remains of walls at the northwestern tip must correspond to the island’s main landing place. Near the summit of the island are a rock-cut road, column shafts and capitals that may belong to a church or chapel, and a small number of unidentified buildings.

kösrelik res6.jpg

Structures that indicate a landing spot on the northwestern tip of Kösrelik Island


Kösrelik Island with Dana Island in the background

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